Mouth Cancer Cases At All-Time High, Doctors Find Link To Oral Sex

The rate by which cases of mouth cancer have increased bothered many medical practitioners. One physician, Dr. Nigel Carter, the Oral Health Foundation’s chief executive, stated that while other cancer types have fairly gone down, the opposite is happening with oral cancer.

 Oral and Mouth Cancer

As per NY Post, OHF, which is a hygiene advocacy group warns the public about the three main causes of mouth cancer. The foremost cause is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted virus. The next cause is drinking alcohol and smoking.

Concerning HPV, Carter started that this is an " emerging risk factor". They found that most mouth cancers where HPV is  the cause is higher in number compared to the commonly known causes. Out of the total cases of mouth cancers, HPV comprised 73% and oral sex has a lot to do with it.

Previously, references to oral sex and other forms of intercourse  as a cause for ceetain cancers have already been made public especially coming from high-profile personalities like Michael Douglas and Marcia Cross. The 75 -years old " American President" actor openly blamed his throat cancer on his penchant for oral sex. With the 57 years old "Desperate Housewives" actress, it was anal cancer.

This information may lead to certain limitations in the bedroom. With the high rate of mouth cancers caused by the sexually transmitted HPV, it could very well put people on guard before plunging into the related sexual act.

Alcohol, Smoking and Mouth Cancer

It doesn't mean that not indulging in oral sex will make immune to mouth cancer. There is still high alcohol intake and smoking that you have to contend with. OHF reported that consuming more than 10 alcohol drinks in a week caused  33% of the total mouth cancer cases. On the other hand, smoking was linked to 17%. The latter was seen to increase one's risk of developing mouth cancer.

The Oral Cancer Foundation revealed that every year, there are about 54,000 Americans who are diagnosed with mouth cancer. Every year, about 13,500 die from the disease. With all this in mind, necessary precautions may have to be taken. Avoiding the three possible causes of mouth cancer may be the best way to protect yourself from the disease.